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Wednesday 19th April 2017

“It’s not the result that matters, its understanding the effort you put in to attain that result” A quote that we can all relate to once again. If you are prepared to work hard then understand that your efforts are within your control. Sometimes things don’t go your way but you can reflect and either…

Friday 10th January 2014

  Strength and Technique Clean and Jerk: 25mins to find a heavy single Workout of the Day ‘DT’ 12 x Deadlift (70 / 50) 9 x H P Clean 6 x Shoulder 2 Overhead 5 Rounds For Time

Thursday 31st October 2013

  Strength and Technique Deadilft 4 x 3 (@90%) Workout of the Day DT 12 x Deadlift (70/50) 9 x Hang Power Clean 6 x Shoulder to Overhead 5 rounds for time: