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  6am  CrossFit CrossFit  CrossFit  CrossFit  CrossFit 
  7am  Open Gym Open Gym  Open Gym  Open Gym  Open Gym  C
  8am  – CrossFit L
  9:15am  CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit  CrossFit  Open Gym  O
  4pm S
  5:00pm Open Gym  Open Gym  Open Gym  Open Gym  Open Gym E
  5:30pm CrossFit  CrossFit  CrossFit  CrossFit  Train with   D
  6:45pm CrossFit CrossFit  CrossFit   CrossFit Coaches


All CrossFit classes will start on time and are aimed to always be completed within 60 minutes. Every session includes a Warm Up and your daily Strength and Conditioning Programming.


This is not a coached class but a class where plenty of guidance is given. This is a chance to train with the coaches and SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE. The session is planned to give the coaches a chance to train together and to train with our awesome crew. These sessions may have a twist with some partner warm ups and or finishers, which are completely optional. Come have a throw down with your coaches.


All members will be given access to book classes. All members are required to book their sessions. Any visitors should get in touch as you will be booked by the duty trainer

CALL QUANITA on 021 0257 6618 if you have any questions