Thursday 9th March 2017

Getting Better at CrossFit:

Gymnastics Strength – Strict Movements should be practiced over Kipping (Pull Ups, Dips, L-Sits, Push Ups)

Gymnastics Technique – This is where we focus on the efficiency required with movements (Kipping, Progressions)

Strength – We focus on moving through full range of movement safely and efficiently (Squatting)

Strength Technique – We stay liter and focus on moving really well (Snatch, Clean)

Skills – Practice these daily. Prioritise and put the time in. (Double Unders, Handstand Walk, Handstand Hold etc)

Movements and Progressions come over time. If you have a goal with a certain movement, then its as simple as putting the time in to get better at that movement. There is no secret pill, but HARD WORK !

Wednesday 8th March 2017

Exercise vs Nutrition: Who thinks that exercising is the key to dropping a bit of weight. It definitely helps you feel better about yourself but I am sure we all understand that Nutrition is the key to keeping the body healthy. In a nutshell:

“Exercise helps you to DO stuff better (strength, flexibility, coordination, power, endurance).  Nutrition helps you to BE better (healthy body composition, insulin, blood pressure, blood glucose, inflammation etc all under control).”

Food for thought for the day – Courtesy Darren Ellis, CFNZ

Tuesday 7th March 2017

OPEN 17.2 DEBRIEF – Yesterday we had some amazing efforts made by everyone. Everyone was absolutely outstanding. We know that a lot of people were worried because of Muscle Ups or Pull Ups. This became relevant to everyone pending capabilities. Well Done if you PB’ed in some element of this workout.

Some of the huge achievements from yesterday were:

  • Sally getting through her first ever T2B’s
  • Gail getting her first weighted Lunges
  • JJ getting his first ever T2B’s
  • Mira doing T2B’s without any issues
  • Jo almost getting a muscle up
  • Mandy getting her first ever Pull Up
  • Oscar first Muscle Up
  • Rick, Jessie, Kothar, Jamie smashing out numerous bar Muscle Ups
  • Ruth getting through the WOD with her injury
  • Jess getting her first Pull Up
  • The numerous athletes that had a go at RX
  • The numerous athletes that attempted the WOD, noting capabilities

Everyone should be over the moon with their performance.

Surely we will see a barbell this week. Therefore you will note we have a lot of barbell work planned. Maintance is the key team.

Monday 6th March 2017

OPEN WOD 17.2 – Today we will all be attempting OPEN WOD 17.2. This workout will entail some sort of challenge for all of us. Its a time that we will see people get pushed out of their comfort zone and achieve first time movements (possibly in high numbers). For those that are scaling the workout, you may get your first weighted lunge or first pull up. For those attempting RX you may get your first T2B or Muscle Up. Either way we will all give it our best shot.

If you feel that you can not get any better, then you may advise your judge that you will continue the workout scaling further, where as your score will cease and then you can continue into the workout scaling even further.

Good luck to everyone.

Saturday 4th March 2017

There will be TWO sets of programming running today. Those wanting to do the standard WOD will do that and be coached accordingly. Those who want to do the CrossFit Open can partner up with someone and judge each other for this.

If you plan on doing the OPEN WOD, please turn up on time still. The classes are not OPEN GYM and the duty trainer will plan classes accordingly to allow for people to do the OPEN or NORMAL class. Please don’t abuse the flexibility given.

All ATHLETES must also remember that Mondays Programming will always be the OPEN WOD.

Friday 3rd March 2017

OPEN WOD 17.2 – Released at 2pm today. What have we got this week ???

ELEMENTS Course – During the month of March we have amended our Elements course to Run on Tuesday / Thursday and Saturday. This is so the Monday evenings do not clash with the CrossFit Open. The next course is starting next week. If you have family or friends that maybe interested, then ask them to get in touch. Only $99 for the Elements course and then they simply choose a membership and JOIN all you machines.

Pictured we have Nina flying through her box jumps like a Ninja.

Thursday 2nd March 2017

Strength Work – Strength is your building blocks to being stronger in everyday life. Along with strength comes technique (moving correctly). If we can do our strength work with perfect mechanics then we are setting good patterns. Then if we can set these good patterns we are going to move better at high intensity in workouts. The best athletes in the world are not just fit, they are strong and they focus a lot on moving efficiently. If you can understand this balance then you will learn to move faster, better and feel stronger in workouts.

Always remember that weight is just a number. There are times we add a bit of load and test ourselves but we must do the basics properly before we do this. Time and time again your coaches are reminding you of this, so use it to your advantage. NO EGOS, more efficiency and the results will come.

Pictured we have Scotty on his rerun of CrossFit Open WOD 17.1 – He managed to blitz his first time as did a number of other people. Reruns are proving well for a lot of people.

Wednesday 1st March 2017

Accessory Work – This is something that we program to help us all with all elements of training. Accessorry work is always a lot harder as it gets our smaller stabilising muscles working with our main muscle drivers. The idea is to get stronger in strict movements, explosive in dynamic movements, learn patterns in new skills and practice movements that require the neurological aspect. Make the most of accessory sessions and use the coaches to your advantage. Sometimes doing accessory work is not fun because it is hard, but then if everything was easy we would all be doing it. This is going to be make you all better athletes, whether you are a newbie or an experienced athlete. There is always going to be a level for you.

Pictured we have Ruth and Kara flying through their stepovers in Open WOD 17.1

Tuesday 28th February 2017

Biggest CONGRATULATIONS and Well Done to everyone that got through the OPEN WOD. Everyone is reminded to ensure there scores are up loaded by 12pm today so John can validate them.

If your lower back is feeling tight from the workload, please ensure to roll it out or get in and see Roger White at Orewa Massage Worx for a quick Massage.

Lets see what this week brings us.

Monday 27th February 2017

Todays WORKOUT is OPEN WOD 17.1.

Its a great workout that is going to test your mental strength and how hard you are prepared to physically push yourself. The Burpee Box Jump Over is a straight forward movement. We have done more then our share of Burpee combinations so we should be primed for this. The DB Snatch does require some technique and will work your posterior chain (Lowerback, Glutes, Hamstrings) and shoulders (to an extant). Therefore ensure we are warmed up and prepared for this. We have a lot of people to get through, so be prepared to judge and be prepared to warm up fast. If you need extra mobility then please come in early.

Everyone is also reminded to read the movement standards. This is so the coaches are not having to explain themselves to every individual. The focus for the coaches is to get everyone through the workouts and to ensure standards are up held and people are training safely.

We look forward to seeing all of you awesome athletes today.