Friday 7th April 2017

“Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

Building strength for a movement takes time and is a process. There are accessory movements that help you get strong in a particular movement. There is technical elements that must be weighed off prior to testing yourself properly. Example: The Clean. Get strong in the deadlift. Get strong Squats and build up our core by working up to 70 – 85% and staying within range. In learning the Clean we should stay under 60% so that we are moving with near perfect mechanics. As we get technically better and stronger we can then start increasing and testing where we are at. As soon as we start losing form then we should pull back again.

Trust the process with our more technical movements.

Thursday 6th April 2017

“A ship is safe in harbor. But that is not what ships are for.”

What do you make of the mentioned quote. There are times to test yourself and there are times to keep your body safe and well maintained.

Wednesday 5th April 2017

“Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out” – John Wooden

Today we will once again go through some accessory work with Deadlifts and one of the girl workouts. Another great days training. Use the accessory work to your advantage and stay within your capabilities.


Tuesday 4th April 2017

“Build a thought, create an action.
Build an action, create a habit.
Build a habit, create a character.
Build a character, and be happy with what 
you have created”

Can you relate to the mentioned quote. Do you see where you want to go or need to go. What is stopping you. Take the time to put your thought in to action, making it a habit of what you want to create for yourself.

Monday 3rd April 2017

So yesterday ended daylight saving for another season. What does this mean for us. Darker Training times, maybe the arrival of Winter but all in all, we need to continue with our patterns and training consistently. Book your classes and find someone to be accountable too, to get along to training. We have noticed that some classes have been a little quieter. Are you missing that fire. Do you need some thing to light that fire again. Talk to a coach if this is you.

Friday 31st March 2017

Athlete Spotlight Que and Amanda – These two ladies probably do not realise how much others in the gym look up to them. They are two amazing athletes who did exceptionally well in the OPEN and are always pursuing excellence with their training, nutrition and life. One is a mother of two and the other of three. They both work full-time, they have really busy lives but they don’t do anything special to make them who they are. They simply train 4 – 5 times per week. They eat really well and they have made CrossFit a part of their lives. Having two exceptionally supportive and good looking husbands must be the key. 😀

Keep it up ladies.

Thursday 30th March 2017

OFF SEASON – With the CrossFit Open being over, a lot of us might be keen to step up the training and start knocking off some goals. As previously advised Goals are important to getting ahead and achieving milestones with your training. We will be starting a new cycle of training after ANZAC week and will look at hitting some goals. Over the next week or two we will be testing where we are at with some lifts and having some fun with our training. We have just come through a mentally and physically challenging OPEN and its good to reset the bodies as needed. This does not mean training any less or with less intensity, its simply scaling as needed or maybe staying a little liter with weight but moving well.

Once our new cycle starts we will be back in to full swing again. Those wanting to knock off goals need to consider a plan to get this done. Remember skills take time, progressions are key, strict movements help with strength, a plan is needed and executing what is required of you must be done.


Wednesday 29th March 2017

DELOAD WEEK – This is compulsory for everyone and focuses on taking the load off our bodies and giving our joints and tendons a chance to recover. You may choose to scale workouts accordingly and focus more on the accessory work as well. When we work with barbells this week its not about load but rather moving at a slower tempo and engaging core and supporting muscles. Some will find this week challenging in a good way. Enjoy the break from lifting.

Tuesday 28th March 2017

CrossFit OPEN ENDS today – I want to say the biggest Thank You and Well Done to everyone that competed in the CrossFit Open this year. Whether you finished it, started it, never finished it, wanted to finish it, did scaled, did RX, did half and half, got PB’s, managed to draw blood, had a cry, hated it, loved it, wished you did it, wish you didn’t do it, supported, judged, helped set up, helped clean up or what else could have contributed, then THANK YOU.

This Friday we will be having a few drinks and food up at JACS Trading Bar in Whangaparaoa. The plan is for whoever to meet up from 6:30pm onwards. Whether you go up for 5 minutes or 5 hours, it be great to see you there.

Monday 27th March 2017

Today we will all attempt the last CrossFit OPEN workout for the season. It is two really simple movements and you will have 40 minutes to get through the workout (whether that is RX or SCALED). Choose the movements best suited to you and good luck. If you have done the workout, then I have planned a second workout. This is purely because we do not have the logistics to get everyone through the workout for a second time inside the one hour scheduled time. If you went under 20 minutes then you may repeat.

This FRIDAY we will be planning WOD 6 at JACS bar in Whangaparaoa. This is a chance for us to celebrate the OPEN and relax in a setting outside the gym. All members and family members are welcome. We will be up there from 6:30pm this Friday.