Regular Massage is the perfect complimentary service to your training. If you train regularly and are feeling sore and tired then consider a Massage to help the body recover. Regular Massage can be beneficial for relieving stress, head aches, aches and pains and bringing your body back to a neutral balance. CrossFit Hibiscus Coast work closely with Roger White at Orewa Massage Worx. If you are keen for a relaxation or sports massage then give Roger a call.

  • Roger: 021 129 8495
  • 30 min Massage – Only $40
  • 45 min Massage – Only $55
  • 60 min Massage – Only $70


  • Coming Soon


If you have any niggles or injuries and think you may need to see a Physiotherapist for a professional diagnosis then get in touch with Physioabsolute. They know there stuff and have been great to work with. There clinic is within 50 metres of our premises and their services are FREE if covered by ACC. Jason and Gemma are great to work with and Amie Thomason is also part of there great team. Contact Details below:

  • 0800 329 749