The CrossFit Hibiscus Coast schedule is as follows.

 CrossFit Class Schedule 2014















We have two options with payments for our CrossFit classes. These are Ezidebit (Commit and Save)  or our month to month rate (flexibility rate).

EZIDEBIT: This is our direct debit option. All personnel who opt for this option are acknowledging to be locked in for 3 months and committing to CrossFit Hibiscus Coast for a minimum of 3 months. Only 14 days notice will then be required via email or text to cease payments after the 3 month period. The rates are:

  • $179 per month for unlimited sessions per week
  • $149 per month for three sessions per week

MONTH to MONTH: This option gives you the flexibility to pay via Automatic Payment, Internet Banking or Cash. The athlete has the flexibility to start and stop payments on a month by month basis. The amount takes into account an administration fee for managing these payments. The rates are:

  • $209 per month for unlimited sessions per week
  • $179 per month for three sessions per week

TEN PASS CONCESSION: This option is available for those who travel for work or can not train three times per week on a regular basis. The ten pass concession card will have a two month expiry from date of payment on it. This is to encourage the athlete to get in within the period to use the sessions. Unfortunately no exceptions on the two month expiry will be given. The rate is:

  • $179 per ten concession card

ONE OFF SESSIONS: Traveling CrossFitters are encouraged to come and train with us. These sessions will be offered for only $20 per session. All personnel wanting to do one off sessions are advised to call or email in advance. One off sessions may be declined if the classes are full, so please call or give notice.


  • $149 for our Introductory Month of CrossFit

You will attend any class (except 5pm classes) three times per week. In these classes you will have a list of movements that you need to get ticked off. The trainers will assist you and program your session accordingly. Do not expect to lift heavy or work out of your comfort zone. The first month is programmed for you to find your feet with our style of training.


  • Term 2 will commence on Tuesday 21st April 2015
  • Only $100 per child
  • Ages 7 – 10 years old
  • One session per week from 4 – 4:40pm on Tuesday afternoons
  • Runs with the School Term


Our next Bootcamp will not commence until October 2015.

To sign up fill in the Bootcamp form


  • $70 per session
  • $90 (includes consultation and goal setting)


  • Priced pending on your requirements